If you are lucky enough to be remodeling a room in your home or your home entirely then you also know just how unlucky you are that you now have to find a place for you and your family to stay.

Of course, there are always options for you to all live with the construction, but it never works out well for the family living there and it often results in much slower progress being made.

If you find yourself planning for this very position, below are some ideas on where you should stay based on the length of time you need to be away from your home.

Just a Few Days. Four at the Most.

If your contractor has told you that they only need your home for a few days then your best bet is to take your family camping. Start with an SUV from the Groupon Coupons page for Hertz and pack it full of everything you and your family will need to enjoy the solitude which camping provides.

Camping works for this length of time well because it’s just enough for you to enjoy the time away but also not too long for your children to become too agitated that they don’t have wi-fi.

A Couple of Weeks. Three at the Most. Maybe a Month.

If this sounds familiar then it’s time to take your family on a vacation! Whether it’s a beachside resort or you spend the time traveling throughout a different country, the amount of time works well. If you are looking at this time frame, do your best to plan your renovations to coincide with any school vacation periods your children may have.

Of course, if you aren’t able to manage this, speak with your child’s school about taking their learning traveling with them to allow you to both be away from your home and study.

Yeah, It’s Probably Going to Take a Few Months

If your contractor tells you that it’s going to take this long then they mean it. They mean it’s going to take at least three months. And depending on the type of work they are doing, this could be a good thing if it means they take their time to ensure high quality.

If you are looking at this time frame then a home share platform is going to get your go-to option. These space are great because they can offer you and your family an entire home for yourself for a long period without having to sign a lease.

If you do take this option it is important that you communicate your situations with your hosts and discuss any options for extending your stay if your contractor needs a small amount of extra time.

When it comes to a home renovation, depending on how you look at it, it can either be a positive or a nightmare experience. Taking these tips and moving your family out of the property for the period is the best way to minimize stress in your home, both with your family and your tradespeople.